Financial statement for RAXP Inc

Your spreadsheets must be properly formatted with headings at the top of each sheet and names given in the tabs of each sheet. I have not formatted the excel sheets that I have enclosed. I have simply provided the starting point for your analysis and presentation.
The pages must be print-ready (that is, formatted for printing so that the pages are not inappropriately truncated). I should receive your analysis and click print and should have readable and properly formatted pages.
The analytical portion of your spreadsheet should be based on formulas. Therefore, I should simply make changes to one cell and the rest of the spreadsheet should instantly change as well.
Answers to qualitative questions could be provided in a very brief Word document or be neatly presented within the spreadsheet. You must submit an executive summary in a Word document that gives a synopsis of all of your analyses. The project must be submitted electronically. If you are not sure how to submit your assignment, please post a question on Blackboard.

  1. Please refer to the Excel file provided within the assignment link (Sheet 1).
    a. Please provide the names of the currencies for the countries listed in the Excel file.
    b. Please provide the direct exchange rate for each currency for April 29th, 2015 and May 27th, 2015.
    c. Use the direct quote to compute the indirect quote for each currency (the cells with the indirect quotes must have formulas; answers should not be typed in).
    d. Compute the percentage change in value for each currency from April 29th to May 27th (these cells must have formulas; answers should not be typed in).
    e. Which 5 currencies had the biggest (magnitude or absolute value) percentage change in value over the 1-month period?
  2. Please refer to the Excel file provided within the assignment link (Sheet 2)
    a. Compute the monthly percentage change in the value of Currency A and Currency B. Then compute the standard deviation of the changes.
    b. Which currency is more volatile and explain how you assessed the volatility (this is not a trick question, I am just making sure that you can explain the outcome of the analysis).
  3. You have been given a financial statement for RAXp Inc. (please refer to Sheet 3 of the Excel file), which has operations in 8 different countries.
    a. Each country has reported in its local currency. Please use the direct exchange rate quotation for April 29th, 2015 to convert the financial information to U.S. dollars. Do the conversion below the original schedule or on a new sheet.
    b. Consolidate the financial statements such that they are reported in one currency (and obviously, one financial statement)—the currency of the parent firm’s country (the U.S.).
    c. Which subsidiary contributed the highest revenue in dollars? Which subsidiary had the highest expenses? Which subsidiary contributed the highest profit?