Flesh Of Your Flesh Analysis Essay

Eating meat and raising animals for this purpose has been more and more criticized in recent years, as the ways that animals are raised in factory farms and then slaughtered have been brought to
light. Elizabeth Kolbert’s article “Flesh of your Flesh: Should you eat meat?” published in The New Yorker on November 9, 2009, enters this debate, using Jonathan Foer’s Eating Animals as a
springboard from which to voice her opinion on the matter. She breaks down Foer’s arguments in favor of vegetarianism and insodoing, she puts forth her own thoughts about the topic of raising
animals for food and of eating animals, a topic about which she too is problematized.

Analyze the persuasiveness of Kolbert’s arguments against eating meat. What do you think Kolbert’s ultimate position is on this subject? For your analysis essay, analyze Kolbert’s essay and
argument. How does she present Foer’s book, how does she present her own opinion on the topic? Analyze specific elements of the essay (language, emphasis on certain descriptions / events, use of
imagery) in order to support your position.