Flew, Terry and Richard Smith.

write an essay that critically examines the issues raised in one of the “Debate Questions” asked at the end of one of the assigned chapters in the Flew & Smith (2014) text. The first sentence of your essay must identify the Debate Question of your choice (chapter, question number, and question), and then must explore this Debate Question based your own examination of other independently sourced materials. Failure to clearly identify the Debate Question selected for your essay will lead to a deduction of 2 points.

1. Who is the intended audience of this book / article? Who might this exclude?
2. How has this book / article been framed? Put another way, what alternatives are there to this particular framing?
3. What sorts of claims are being made about the issue you are examining? Are there other relevant claims or circumstances that have been left out?
4. What other information is available about this issue? That is, is there other relevant information that should have been included?
5. What interests are at stake with respect to the issue / question you are examining? What other interests might exist that are excluded from consideration?
6. What meaningful linkages can be made to issues explored in this course?