Folk, Blue grass and Reggae music



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QUESTION: Select either A or B for your main response. When you respond to others, respond to at least one student who answered a different question than you did.

A. How did the music of the nineteenth century reflect the romantic composer’s desire for a closer union between music and the other arts? Discuss some characteristics of romantic literature and
painting. Give an example of a musical work that demonstrates nationalism. Why was nationalism so important to some composers during this time period?

B. Give an example of a musical work that you would consider “program music.” Think back to your days in elementary or junior high school, do you remember compositions played in their music or art
classes intended to evoke visual responses? What mood is the composer trying to evoke? Are there examples of sound effects? What images come to mind? What actions, if any, are being portrayed in
the music? Try to locate a musical work that no one else has discussed previously.

Part 2 Listening Assignment: Directions uploaded.

Part 3 Music Research Discography: Complete a detailed music listening analysis of one full music cut (or 2 shorter music clips) that exemplify the music for your topic. Directions also uploaded.