Food deserts

Identify the controversial issue you will be discussing. Include a clear
thesis statement that outlines your position on the issue. Provide a short outline that acts as a road map to the contents of your paper

2. Debate: Explain the main opposing positions on the issue. Critically evaluate the arguments and evidence provided on each side. It should be clear in your paper that you have considered multiple sides of the issue.

3. Claims: Elaborate on a series of claims to support your position on the issue. Substantiate these claims with evidence and logical reasoning. You may use quantitative evidence (e.g. statistics) and/or qualitative evidence (e.g. specific examples, case studies, etc.). Ensure that the sources you rely on to back up your claims are authoritative.

4. Solutions: Evaluate possible solutions to the problem and courses of action. This should include a discussion of organizations, industry interests, grassroots groups, or governmental bodies working on the issue. Take into consideration the structural constraints and interests of various actors.