Food Narrative

Food NarrativeFood is one of the most powerful bonding mechanisms society has. Rituals have developed around the presentation of food, we have a whole channel devoted to food, and family gatherings often take place with food. But stories can also revolve around food. From a feast that was on the table perfectly to the most amazing cooking disasters, the kitchen is the place where food is prepared and eaten, family discussion takes place, homework is done, and we learn about ourselves.Your challenge is to start with a favorite food memory that has meaningful story attached to it. Tell us the story of the experience you have with this food and express why this experience was meaningful. In other words, what’s the “moral” of the story? What have you learned about yourself through this experience? 1. Think about a food experience that means something to you and/or your family. What does it taste like? What memories do you have that revolve around that food? What does it mean to you?2. Decide what it was that you learned from this experience, why it was meaningful and how you want to express that to your reader.3. Interview someone who shares this experience with you. Ask them about what has also made this food experience special for them and what they remember about it.