Food Nutrition

1.Opine on the importance of carbohydrates in general to your diet, and quantitatively approximate how much you should consume (grams or percentage of total kcal consumption is acceptable) based on your lifestyle. Relate this opinion to your current diet(and desired, if a change is warranted). Utilize a factor such as energy requirements, dental health, insulin sensitivity, obesity, etc., to support your reason for wanting to change your diet. You can cite the text to support your viewpoint, or alternatively, you may disagree with the text, and cite a study to support your disagreement.
2.Discuss the role of lipids, to include cholesterol, in your diet. Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated lipids (mono and poly), differentiate between fats and oils, differentiate between vegetable and animal lipids, and mention how you include/exclude them in your diet (if you fry foods, you include oils, if you use cream, you include animal fats, if you are vegan, you exclude cholesterol, etc).
Once you have determined what you include in your diet, briefly discuss if you need to increase/decrease/maintain current intake levels, and why.
3.Opine on the use of the body mass index (BMI) calculation as an appropriate measurement of body composition. Determine what it measures, and contrast it to a reputable method of body composition testing.

4.Opine on the ratio of proper dieting to physical activity in order to obtain optimal physical health (diet is more important, activity is more important, or both are equal). Support your opinion with one properly cited study.