Food Revolution

Briefly answer these question after watching two short video clips. 1) What would you have done with the “chicken experiment” (using the paste) to possibly change the kids acceptance of the non-chicken patty Jamie created in his kitchen? 2) Why do you think the second round of cooking at the school was not any more successful than the first? 3) Did it surprise you that the children were unable to identify the vegetables that Jamie showed them in their classroom? 4) Whose responsibility do you feel it is to teach the children about the food groups and where food comes from? Back to the Edwards family home 5) Based on the review of the refrigerator do you think the Edwards followed the diet and recipes that Jamie had provided them with in Part #1? 6) What are some of the behaviors this family exhibits that is adding to their weight problems? What are some behavioral changes that you would recommend that may assist this family in reaching their weight loss goals? 7) During the visit with the doctor what were the medical conditions he identified that were linked to obesity? (when he was discussing Justin) How many years did the doctor say this could take off of his life? What was the possible age of death the doctor gave for Justin ( strictly related to his morbid obesity?) 8) As a truck driver, what are some activities that Tim, Justin’s father (Mr. Edwards ) is likely following, based on the limitations of his job alone, that has likely led to his obesity? What are some suggestions you can give him to help reduce his risk? 9) What else could the teachers have done in the 1st grade class –besides teaching the kids the names of the vegetables- to really make them understand why consuming a variety of these daily is SO important? 10) What are some of your ideas to help get processed foods out of the schools?