Move has a small technology tern employed in the Boston office and outsourees the remainder of its technology needs. Voter has long advocated the substantial cost savings and better management if Green Move were to hire well educated individuals from Eastern Europe at low wages. Privately, Viktor realizes that he would also hie to make • difference in Russia by helping the underemployed and unemployed. The board met and agreed that Green Move should consider this as a long-term strategy and that Warn should investigate a remote technology base in Russia. Victor spoke to his friends and believes that he has found the perfect location to lease. The govemment-owned property is large, well lit and its urban location will attract many workers.
Viktor has traveled to Russia to visit his family and to meet with the property manager. The two discuss the rich history in the area and Viktor is under the impression that the property is available. It is not until the end of the meeting that the manager infarnis Viktor that them will be a competitive bid for the lease of the property. He instructs Viktor to said him his best offer by the end of the week and hands him two envelopes; one addressed to a government office labeled “property lease bid” and the second addressed to the property manager labeled “facilitation.” He explains that thatever he places in the second envelope will “lceep the process moving” and the he would hate to sec bim miss out Viktor takes both envelopes.
Questions B B.I Should Viktor provide a bid on the property lease? Should he include both envelopes? Why or why not? What are the legal and ethical considerations? B .2 Should Green Move expand its operations in Russia?