FORMAL Analysis of works WORKSHEET

Find the following items utilizing the research methods that you practiced in week two:

a) a) One artwork from an artist already mentioned in one of the three chapters that we have covered (or movie), but A DIFFERENT WORK FROM THE ONE THAT IS INCLUDED IN THE TEXT.

b) From a museum website: an artwork that is done in the same medium as this work, but a different artist (an artist that is not mentioned in the book).

c) From our movie resources: A work from one of the artists on this week’s movie list.

-Due by midnight: For each of these three works, attach an image and thoroughly complete this worksheet. Each of the three works must be explained but can be included on the same worksheet document. Attach these under “Formal analysis” discussion forum, with images inserted, captioned and referenced.
Three works should be analyzed! Worth 30 points.
A. Describe the piece: (Title, Artist, Medium, Date, Nationality). Where is the work located now, and who sees it, how?

B. What is the CONTENT of the piece (all of the literal and non-literal communication that is apparent in the piece, including SUBJECT, THEME, ETC, the WHO WHAT WHERE WHY AND HOW). Elaborate….EXPLAIN

C. FORMAL COMPOSITION: The Formal Elements

a) Explain the formal elements is most prominently utilized in this design? How are they used, and to what effect?

b) Are there any of the formal elements that don’t come into play much at all? What effect does have on the piece?

D. FORMAL COMPOSITION: The Principles of Composition

a) Describe at least two of the principles of composition and explain concretely how they are employed in the composition, and to what EXPRESSIVE effect.

b) Identify a few distinguishing characteristics of this artist, (for example the style or elements typically seen in their general work (both the “what” and the “how” of the composition.)

E. Media Conventions
A) What aspects of this work would you say conform to your expectations of the medium (are similar to other works of the same medium)? For example, the smooth texture of oil paint or shiny appearance of steel. Explain your response.

B) What aspects of this work are surprising, or unusual, or otherwise distinctive and noteworthy? (Use design terminology from your text)

F. What are some influences that you can see in this work (List earlier artworks/artists, cultural/spiritual influences, be as specific as possible.) Important: tie to other works and ideas in our course material…additional online research may be required.