Foundations of marketing William m. pride, ferrell

Work with a local business; it could be where you work, owned by someone you know, or simply a retailer where you can speak with the owner (make sure to ask permission!). You are going to create a marketing plan for a real business.

First, ask the owner to describe his or her biggest marketing challenges. Then consider how you might address them. Some examples:
create ideas for new types of customers, along with promotional pieces (ads or similar)
create brochures, newsletter, or other materials for existing customers
create a new website for the company (I recommend for this – it’s easy and fun to use and makes great sites!)
design a new logo and / or write a new tagline
plan an event for customers or prospective customers, and a press release to go with it
create / revise the social media strategy (make sure to think HOW you would use them – content? frequency /timing of posts, etc.)
do a competitive analysis, outlining your company’s strengths / weaknesses in the market
do primary market research (typically either a focus group or survey) and an analyze the results
consider partnering with other businesses that have related or complementary products or services (with a sales promotion strategy)