Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was considered by many to be one of the finest of William Morris’s Arts and Crafts followers in America. However, this lecture at the opening of the new century was not
unanimously well-received by the society he delivered it to. Why? Some questions to consider and address, but be sure to answer the last one.

– consider yourself one of Wright’s listeners, an Arts and Crafts practitioner and Morris devotee. What are some of the issues you (in Illinois) might have with the kid from Wisconsin?

– What is Wright’s opinion of historicism? Site specific examples. (see the buildings below that he makes reference to)

– After re-reading Raizman, Chapter 5, how do you see Wright’s ideas comparing to these (be specific)? Raizman places Wright in Chapter 6; should he be in Chapter 6? Is Wright an Arts and
Crafts designer, Aesthetic Movement? Art Nouveau designer, none of these ? Explain.

– How do Wright’s ideas compare with your own ideas of design

– Include an illustration that indicates Wright’s style in the early 20th century. How does his work contrast with the work he is critical of in his speech?