Frederick Taylor’s system

  1. Reactions to Frederick Taylor’s system were very mixed. What was Taylor’s argument? Why was it so controversial?
  2. What were some of the arguments of those who were in favor of it, and who were some of the people who approved?
  3. Who were the people opposed to Taylor’s system, and what were their objections?
  4. What did Taylor mean by “soldiering”?
  5. Why Taylor’s system was called -Scientific Management”?
  6. What did references to “that efficiency gospel’ mean? Why would people have referred to efficiency as a “gospel”?
  7. How did factory workers react to Taylorism? 8. How did life on the factory floor change after the introduction of scientific management? What was the relationship between scientific management and the origins of the profession of “industrial engineering”? 9. Why might scientific management have meant more opportunities for working women? 10. How did scientific management spread? 11. Was scientific management revolutionary? If so, in what ways? If not, why not? 12. What are your own opinions about scientific management?