Full Radiology Report through Patient Web Portal: A Literature Review

Full Radiology Report through Patient Web Portal: A Literature Review

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Full Radiology Report through Patient Web Portal: A Literature Review

Abstract: This study discusses the gap between the patient web portal and the full radiology report. The opinions of radiologists and referencing physicians were reviewed along with the performance of patients. Based on these reviews, we found that the radiology section of the web portal needs improvement as there are many barriers hindering the application of full radiology reports. These barriers are discussed and suggestions on the best ways to eliminate them have been provided. Prior to providing radiology images to patients, physicians want their patients to receive a readable draft that would allow patients to better understand the report. An important factor in this process is finding a way to decrease the turnaround time (TAT) by facilitating ways for radiologists to increase their workflow while decreasing time to ensure that patients receive an understandable draft quickly. By solving these barriers, the radiology section in the patient profile can provide a full radiology report quickly.

Keywords: Full Radiology Report, Radiology Report, Patient Web Portal

1. Other studies have provided reviews of patient portals, some examples listed below. Please use them as background to rationale that currently there is a lack of study that focuses on radiology information for patients. (Please use these articles plus the articles that you find.

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2. Need to write about the benefit of increase the engagement between patients and their health documents. For example
(Increased patient engagement, a health provider can save time and money.)