Fundraising Development Strategy

 You have been hired as the Executive Director of a non-profit mental health organization, Behavioral Health, Inc. in your community. The Mission of this organization is to provide rehabilitative mental health services to the community.  The Board of Directors had asked that you develop a one, three, and five year Strategic Plan based upon the mission, including an outline for revenue development in each of those 3 plans. Although your agency is solid financially, they want to ensure that the revenues will continue as the organization expands their services.  You currently serve 400 children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly in an outpatient facility located in a downtown neighborhood. Your agency provides assessments and follow-up treatment for clients who are referred from the local public mental health agency, Tri-County Mental Health Associates.  As a subcontractor of this primary provider of mental health care in the region, you complete assessments on the clients for this agency and then receive a fee for the service that you provide for each assessment. The assessments are sent to Tri-County Mental Health Associates where the psychiatrist and other licensed mental health professionals meet with the clients to establish the Treatment Plans. Once the plans have been established, your agency continues to work with the clients on the treatment plans, and follows the clients to make sure the goals are being met. You must bill the primary provider each month for the assessments, and follow-up treatment that your employees complete.  Your subcontracted fee will be paid by the state through the primary provider.  Your budget is $500,000 annually with $400,000 coming from subcontracted fees. You currently have 5 employees on the payroll. That includes yourself, two licensed counselors, a human services graduate of Saint Leo University, and a secretary/receptionist. You pay rent on the building, utilities, payroll taxes, and health and retirement benefits for your employees, supplies for the program, and company insurance. The clients and their families have given your agency great reviews, indicating they are pleased with the programs that are offered. You provide assessments, follow-up counseling, music, art, pet, and play therapy.  You maintain a waiting list of 50 clients that you cannot serve without hiring another therapist.  Your board of directors would like to see the agency expand into other neighborhoods and provide additional services like crisis intervention, drug and alcohol services, and prevention programs.

Create a one, three, and five year Fundraising Development Strategy based upon the Mission of the organization. Consider your goals for the coming years, your client population, community support, and collaboration with local agencies. How can the Saint Leo’s Core Value of Excellence be incorporated into your Strategic Plan? This plan is a basic outline of how you plan to raise the money you need over a 5 year period. What is your overall strategy to raise the money and fund your organization? A specific Fundraising Plan must also be included for each of the three years. How will you raise the money you need in each of the coming years? Remember you are a 501(c)(3) organization and can solicit donations or allow people to claim their donation on their taxes. You are also tax exempt in your state. You can consider fees for services, grants, bequests, legacy gifts, endowments, corporate funding, or government contracts.