“Gallipoli: History and National Imagination”

select ONE essay topic to discuss.

1. What was the significance of the Strait of Dardanelles in the World War I. provide an analysis of the geostrategic, political, economic cultural/symbolic aspects of the peninsula before and
during the Gallipoli campaign.

2. discuss political developments in Australia preceding the First World War and before the Gallipoli Campaign. Why did Australia send soldiers to the Great War? You may analyse the events of the
last 15 years before the Great War such as the Australian constitution of 1900 and the institutionalisation of federal state, national banknotes, national capital city. Were these developments
heralding the new Australian nation even before the Anzac or was a myth of nation-building necessary?

3. provide an overview and analysis of the land campaign in the Gallipoli Front. What were the logistical and strategical mistakes by the Allies and what were the advantages of the Ottoman

4. Anthony D. Smith once argued that “The repertoire of myths, rituals, memories and symbols for a nation encompass certain ‘types’ of myths to affirm its foundation, and ensure the transference
and maintenance of this repertoire to the next generation”. Please discuss the ANZAC mythology and its role in the formation and maintenance of the Australian identity after the Gallipoli till
today. You can apply different approaches of the nationalism studies to your analysis.

5. What is the role of ANZAC and the Gallipoli in the New Zealander self-definition? Was there a New Zealander national identity before Gallipoli? What was the impact of Gallipoli to transform the
“New Zealander”? Please discuss the place of Gallipoli in the New Zealand national narrative.

6. The official reports and propaganda leaflets from both sides of the Gallipoli campaign contradict the letters and reports from prisoners of war. How fair were the Turks and the Allies in their
treatment of the prisoners of war? Pay particular attention to the treatment of the prisoners of war and the availability of facilities.

7. provide an overview and analysis of the politics of the Ottoman Empire before the Gallipoli Defence of 1915. What was the impact of the ongoing political turmoil before the World War I? You can
include the 1908 Revolution, 1913 Bab-? Ali Coup, the role of the Committee of Union and Progress, triumvirate of Pashas, position of the Sultan in your analysis.

8. What were the British aims, expectations and plans before the Gallipoli Campaign? Provide an overview of pre-Gallipoli discussions in British government, parliament and media. Why Britain
attempted such a risky campaign? What were the results of the Gallipoli Campaign for the British?

9. Compare and contrast the images and symbols in two selected literary books from British, Australian, New Zealander or Turkish perspective on the Gallipoli and/or Anzacs. How the Anzac story is
constructed and which symbols were used? (The books to be consulted with the convener)

10. Discuss the military aspects of the campaign with regard to the technologies used by both sides, armaments, artillery, machine guns, mines, navies, etc. Provide a comparison of the military
power of the warring parties in the Gallipoli Campaign.