GDP per capita in saudi arabia


I made a report already but there is a missing part which is the gdp per capita i will send the report that i made so that you can keep it in the same
sequence this what u have to do;

Deliverable 2: Alternative Measures of Welfare
GDP per capita is well known for being used as the main indicator for welfare by economists. Other interesting measures exist as well. Your task in this
deliverable is to discuss first the limits of GDP per capita as a measure of welfare. Second, find at least 5 other measures of welfare that correspond to the
following fields:
• Health
• Education
• Information Technology
• Satisfaction
• Indexes combining two or more of the previous measures.
Next you will gather data on GDP per capita and the other measures for the last 15 years then compare and contrast their evolution (Nice graphs are
welcomed). Once your analysis is over, you will conclude whether GDP per capita is still a valid measure of welfare or not.

Use at least 7 years
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