Gender,Space and culture

The illustrated essay requires a significant amount of preparation. The task is to select a physical space (note: online spaces are ineligible) to which you can easily gain access, where you can observe and take 8-10 photographs of what is going on there in relation to gender and other intersectional identities, and culture. You must actually visit and observe the space you choose for this assignment (i.e. you cannot plan to write about a space from your past memories of it) and you must take the photographs yourself, seeking perrnission as necessary.
You are then to use your observations and photos, along with relevant academic readings and concepts, to write an essay discussing and critically analysing your chosen space in terms of gender, etc. The essay must include a ‘methodology section’ in which you discuss what you did to generate your observations and photos (e.g. how you accessed the space, what you did while you were there, any ethical issues, etc.).