Gertrude Stein Book By Alice Toklas

Choose any of the following from choices 1-5 in the image of the rubric in the image provided. The source of this essay is the book The autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Stein, Gertrude. 4 pages total + a writers approach/abstract paper as mentioned in the rubric. Please send me a brainstorm/rough preview by Monday to show in class to professor. Thanks

1. Consider the text as autobiography. It’s supposed to be Toil’s’, but SSA Is you think she does this? What do you notice about the framing of one punitive?

2. Consider • relationship in this text: Stein and Toklas; Stein and Picasso, etc. What about this relationship and how does the writing work to express it?

3. Look at the larger framework of the text: the connection between painting and writing;

4. WW I: how does this feature in the text and how is it depicted?