Gladwell reading

Analytical answers rather than simple facts. In other words, think about moving beyond just straight reporting to an exploration of why events occur as they do.

Chapter 1:

  1. What was Vivek Ranadive’s challenge in chapter 1?
  2. Gladwell discusses certain factors that make underdogs successful. What do underdogs need to do or be in order to win?
  3. What unique strengths did Ranadive and his girls have?
  4. Odd as it may seem, Lawrence of Arabia’s story has similarities to Ranadive’s. What are the areas of overlap?
  5. For chapter one, does this text seem to be exploring underdog or giant traits? What in the text makes you say this?

Chapter 2:

  1. Although society may prioritize small class sizes, what does the data say about their advantages?
  2. Why is it difficult to parent children in wealthy families?
  3. How does this chapter about class sizes and wealth compare to the David and Goliath theme? What is Gladwell saying?