Global Business

“As Global Order Crumbles, Risks of Recession Grow” by Greg Ip, and “Globalization Is Moving Past the U.S. and Its Vision of World Order” by Peter S. Goodman. 1. First, summarize each article, explaining the major points 2. Then analyze the articles, comparing and contrasting the essential aspects. 3. As a suggestion, you can reflect on the authors’ intentions for the article, the article’s purpose; describe how this article fits into the “big picture” discussion. 4. Review other support articles to give an additional perspective on the topic; you must include at least two additional articles to support your analysis. 5. You must provide evidence and relate it to Ip’s as well as Goodman’s observations – give examples to explain your reasoning. Convince the reader with data and logic. o Limit each paragraph to a single idea (example: for a two paragraph comparison, discuss one subject in the first paragraph and the other subject in the second).