Global Business Strategy

This piece of coursework involves the creation of 15 to max. 20 minute PPs discussing the
challenges and strategic options available to a selected company for one of its product
lines/ranges. You will form into groups of three (maximum of four students) to complete this
As a starting point the following companies and just one of its product lines/ranges have been suggested
as being the focus of your assignment.
 Starbucks Coffee and UAE retail market for coffee
 SALT food truck and UAE retail market for food trucks
 Dubai Mall and UAE market for malls
 Carrefour and its clothing range in the UAE supermarket industry
 Samsung and its Galaxy range of smartphones in UAE market for smartphones
 Apple and its iPhone range in UAE smartphone market
 Sephora and its cosmetics range within the UAE market
 Aster pharmacy and UAE retail market for pharmacies
 Careem cabs and UAE market for Cabs
Please note the markets selected are only suggestions, you are at liberty to change the market focus
for the above listed companies, for example:
 Aster clinics and UAE market for medical clinics
 Carrefour and its grocery range in the UAE supermarket industry
It is also possible to choose another company outside this list, but make sure that your company
possesses sufficient information to put together a viable assignment.
To help you discuss the challenges and strategic options available to your selected company you
will need to make use of several of the analytical techniques appearing in the course. Following the
below sequence of steps or structure will enable you to successfully complete your PPs.

  1. Place group member names on a title slide at the beginning
  2. Provide a brief overview of the organisation and a description of its product line/range and the
    condition of the market it competes in. Employing at least two analytical techniques discussed in
    the course will help you to determine the market conditions confronting your company, e.g. PEST
    Analysis and Strategic group mapping. Within your PP you will need to tell the viewer what the
    analytical tools told you about the market challenges facing your selected company.
  3. Determine strategic options for the company going forward within the product line/range selected.
    Use the strategic options configurator tool to help you perform this task. Below is an example of the
    strategic options configurator. The configurator is an intuitively straightforward analytical tool to
    employ and understand. The configurator helpfully builds on tools you have already been exposed
    to and its main components will be introduced early in the course as well.
  4. Based on the above analysis you should then evaluate and justify the strategic options the company
    should undertake going forward using the strategic options configurator for this part of the
    assignment. You should note that it is important to show the connections between the analysis
    performed and the strategic options chosen. It would be useful to make some comparisons
    between the strategic options selected and other possible alternative options rejected as well.
  5. You should place a list of any references used on a slide at the end.
  6. To complement your PP, you should construct a single page executive summary outlining the
    following discussion points.
     Include the assignment name and type the name of your group members and their IDs
     Identify the analytical techniques employed and what the main findings you discovered about
    the company’s market condition for the particular product line/range investigated.
     Outline the strategic options the company should adopt and why. The why response should
    draw upon ideas gained from the analytical tools employed.
     Briefly discuss what the assignment taught you about strategic management.
     Briefly outline what you would do differently if you had to do the assignment again.
     Then submit this 1-page document
     Remember your assignment (PP + One page Exec Summary) should be posted on LMS by
    SATURDAY 13 April 2019 at 11.59pm.
    Any queries about creating and submitting your assignment (PP+ executive summary) will be discussed
    during lecture sessions.