Global complexity of job role context based on your understanding form module learning.

specifically consider global complexity of job role context based on your understanding form module learning. Section A (Approximately 2000 words) Evaluate the global complexities and competencies relevant to the chosen job in the chosen global company by using appropriate theories and models you have learnt in this module. Analyse the global company (product /service, key stakeholders- customer, suppliers, employee, demography, key region of business, market position, and future strategy.) Areas which you may need to consider are as follows (There is no requirement to cover each and every one of these topics. Choose these which support the main focus of your role, country and company. Time will be available in tutorial to help you focus to your individual assignment.) ? Culture; difference in leadership style; difference in management styles; intercultural team work; Intercultural communication and negotiation; diversity in employee demography. Section B (approximately 500 words) Reflect on the learning of the module and identify your progress against your skill gap mentioned in PDP and your subsequent learning from the module and continuous development plan. Third Person Layout: Portrait orientation document Font such as Tahoma, Verdana or Calibri. Font size minimum of 12 All of the powerpoint have been attached that need to be looked at before the work starts also i have attached a list of books that need to be also looked at Cover Page Executive summary Contents page Introduction Introduction of the chosen company Describe the job role in brief alongside the country What the essay will be talking about and different styles Point 1 Leadership style General Discussion of Leadership Style and talk about relevant theories linking to leadership styles Minimum 2 -3 theories , the theories need to be relevant to the country or organisation, Powerpoints slide have been attached detailing more within this Leadership styles which are applied to the country and job have to be selected , So finding articles that talk about the companies leadership styles if this is not findable then talk about the leadership styles within that country or other organisations within the country Discuss leadership styles within the chosen company Think about relevance for that country and the job role plus link with theories Talk about general leadership styles within the country so for this case the job is in us so leadership styles within the us plus how do the leadership styles influence organisation culture for the company chosen which therefore leads to certain leadership styles . Then compare with leadership styles within the uk and create a discussion between the leadership styles within the usa and uk .