Global governance


General Instructions
• 7 pages double spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font, 1 inch margins
o not including title page and references
o Have a fun title!
• Have a clear thesis statement that is explicit
o “This paper will argue…”
• Identify your theoretical perspective within your introduction
o Do not have me guessing what your argument is, and what theoretical perspective you are using
• Have solid, empirical evidence when making any claims
• Ensure you are citing all your sources properly
o Whatever citation style you use make sure you are consistent, and using a citation guide
o Have a properly formatted references page
• Include 4-5 academic sources that is not pulled from course readings
o Please try and avoid citing the lectures, but rather go directly to the source itself
o Make sure you are using credible sources

Focused Scope
• The first section of your paper
o Define your sub-system (you should identify the key concepts, threats, rules and key actors)
o What are the challenges of your sub-system?
o Set the stage for your paper with your introduction including why the topic is important, and the purpose of your paper
• The second section
o Assess the effectiveness of your chosen sub-system by focusing on a specific actor, or organization
o You are to utilize strictly empirical evidence in this section to argue your position
o Ex. Focus on the WHO and its work within the global health system
• The third section
o Explain the level of effectiveness or ineffectiveness from a theoretical perspective
o Identify what theoretical perspective you are using, and define its key assumptions and inclinations in general terms
o Analyze the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the sub-system from your chosen theoretical perspective