Global Marketing Plan

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In your paper,

Under an Executive Summary heading
    Summarize the rational of your plan.
Under a Situation Analysis heading
    Analyze the environmental situation of your mentor company in the country you selected in one of these regions: Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. Your environmental analysis must contain demographic, economic, trade, social, cultural, legal, regulatory, and political factors. (Hint: Refer to your Week 2 Global Marketing Plan Part 1 assignment).
    Discuss how market research, information systems and big data will help you understand the region better.
Under a General Strategy heading
    Explain your segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy for that line of product in the new region (Hint: Refer to your Week 3 Twitter Advertising Analysis for Target Marketing discussion).
    Discuss your market entry strategy including export selling and sourcing activities, if any.
Under a Specific Plans and Strategies heading
    Explain your competitive advantages strategies to compete against five industry forces.
    Formulate the 4Ps:
Product and brands (Hint: Refer to Part 2 of your Week 4 Product Branding discussion)
Promotion with a special focus on digital media and IMC (Hint: Refer to your Week 5 Integrated Marketing Communications assignment)
    Discuss the company’s CSR and social responsiveness strategies particularly in the selected region.