Global Sex: The Travels of Desires, Identities, and Politics in a Globalizing World

Read: Manfred B. Steger, Globalization. A Very Short Introduction. Oxford/New York: OxfordUniversity Press, 2009

Answer the following question:
1) Download the 2019 overview map of Sexual Orientation Laws from the ILGA Website at . Explain how we can interpret the map as illustrating the concepts globality, globalization and global imaginary. [125 words max., 2,5 points]

2) How would Ann Stoler analyze Katherine Mayo’s Mother India (1927)? [seminar 2] What would she argue about the colonizer in relation to Mayo’s text? [125 words max., 2,5 points]

-Sheila Jeffreys, ‘Introduction: From pimping to a profitable market sector’ & ‘Supplying thedemand: The traffic in women’ The Industrial Vagina. The Political Economy of the GlobalSex Trade. London/New York: Routledge, 2009. 1-13, 152-172


-Patty Kelly, ‘Preface’ (excerpt) & ‘Introduction’ (excerpts) & ‘“It Began Innocently.”Women of the Ambiente’ Lydia’s Open Door. Inside Mexico’s Most Modern Brothel.Berkeley/Los Angeles/London: The University of California Press, 2008. xiii-xx & 1-5, 15-20,221-226 & 121-150, 233-235

Answer the following question:
3) Compare the views of Sheila Jeffreys and Patty Kelly on the effect of the rise of neoliberalism on prostitution/sex work. [125 words max., 2,5 points]

Read: Tom Boellstorff, ‘Dubbing culture: Indonesian gay and lesbi subjectivivites and ethnographyin an already globalized world’ American Ethnologist 30 (2003) 2, 225-242

Answer the following question
4) What is Tom Boellstorff’s argument about hybridity and purity? What does this argument imply about the notion of ‘western homosexuality’? [125 words max., 2,5 points]