Global warming


We are well aware that the climate of our globe and of our immediate areas of living is changing. Much of this is attributed to global
warming. Since our unit this week is devoted to climate, it is appropriate that we have a clear understanding of some of the basic issues
that relate to it. Therefore, this assignment will allow you to research and summarize three aspects of this topic so that you have a good
handle on this current global problem. Therefore write a 2-3 page paper which discusses the questions listed below. Use at least 4 different
sources and list them at the end of your report. This link will jump start your research. There are many
good internet sources on this topic. Use them. Be sure to give your own wording in your work and not that of your sources verbatim. Here are
the 4 areas that you need to address in this paper. You should use these questions to structure your paper. What is global warming and what
are thought to be the causes of it? Describe these causes and include any pictures/diagrams that illustrate your ideas. What are the
evidences that are commonly considered to support the idea that the globe is warming? Give as many of these effects as you can. The variety
of this information is important. What are the predictions of the changes that our world will experience if little is done to change what is
happening? What can we as humans do to help combat global warming? Include reflections on what YOU currently do to help and what new
initiatives are good goals for you to pursue.