Global Warming

Global Warming

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Week 7- Webliography Assignment
Global Warming

T assignment is worth up to 60 points and involves researching and writing an entry for the Webliography section of our course. The assignment references TCO 6 as is
applies to a controversial topic.
Your task in this assignment is to use the Internet to find an article about the social dilemma of global warming, approaching it from the perspective of a two-sided
debate that has the potential to end up in a stalemate that threatens all mankind that has been described as the Tragedy of the Commons.
1. Read Myer’s (2009) on the Tragedy of the Commons
2. Using the Internet locate a relevant article about global warming
3. Compose a summary of the contents of the article that includes the following information:
a. A brief description of the contents of the article
b. A description of least two specific examples from the article
c. Your evaluation of how a reader could use this information (for what purposes)
4. Prepare your article for Webliography using one of the following processes:
a. write your descriptive text as a Word document that you copy and paste into Webliography OR
b. type your descriptive text straight into Webliography
5. To add your entry to Webliography, use this process:
a. click on Webliography in the gray/white bar in the blue space at the top of the course website – it is the last component on the right side of the bar
b. click on “Add New Entry”
c. type in the title of your entry and the URL
d. add your text
e. click on “Add Entry”

Note: You cannot edit your entry once you have submitted it. If you want to change your entry simply submit the new version. Your instructor will know to grade the
newest article and will disregard the earlier version

• Your entry must have a working URL that goes directly to the article and does not require drilling down (navigating) through layers of a website
• Do not use an article that triggers advertising
• A Webliography entry on this subject that is sufficiently informative requires at least 200 words
• Your entry is free of spelling and grammatical errors

• 35 points for the informational quality of your entry
• 20 points for clear and orderly presentation of your content
• 5 points for freedom from spelling and grammar errors