Globalisation and sustainability essay

Globalisation and sustainability essay
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Section A:
Question 1: Outline and critically evaluate the orthodox economics explanation of, and solution to, environmental damage and unsustainable practices. In your answer, use the example of climate change or biodiversity loss when referring to environmental damage and unsustainable practices.
Or Question 2: Describe the tragedy of the commons and explain how this concept relates to sustainability by making reference to population growth, food, water, climate change or biodiverisity loss. How can the stragedy be avoided?

Section B:
Question 3: Compare and contrast the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Was it necessary to implement a separate Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous People? Why or why not? Discuss with reference to Indigenous Australians.
Quenstion 4:Compare and contrast ” Closing the Gap” with ” Cultural Comparative Advantage” as two proposed solutions to the economic and social problems experienced by Indigenous Australians.