Globalization has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives.

Globalization has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives. This is especially evident in the way that globalization has shaped the type of work we do, where we work, and for whom. Employers and policymakers also wrestle with the problem of globalization, seeking that balance between successfully competing in the marketplace and maintaining a quality of life for workers.
Write a 500 word essay in APA format, addressing the following:
What are the three most important components of globalization and why?
Giving at least one relevant example from your own independent research, explain the impact that globalization has had upon American workers in one particular industry.
Some policymakers and economists argue that we are slowly beginning to see a repatriation of manufacturing jobs here in the United States. Please evaluate this claim, citing specific examples.
Are there particular types of industries that seem to be more positively impacted by globalization than others? Explain why or why not, and give specific examples.
As globalization has worked to repress the wages of American workers, what can policymakers do in terms of lessening the impact of these declining wages? Justify your response.