GLP-1 Agonists place in therapy

Discuss GLP-1 Agonists place in therapy (1 ½ page)

Part2: Studies/trials on GLP-1 agonists
a) Discussion on results from the DURATION trials (1,5,6 etc) (1 ½ pages) (discuss DURATION only)
b) Make tables to compare results of DURATION trials, LEAD, Getgoal, HARMONY, AWARD, SCALE, Head-to-head (both tables on one page) (1 page)
Example of table

Table 1????????
Study Name Treatment agents Duration Inclusion Criterial Primary endpoint Authors/year
Author/year e.g. Exenatide once per weekly or twice daily ≥16 years of age Change in HbA1c
Head-to Head

Table 2 summaries of studies
Authors /year Type of study participants Intervention Design/Group results strengths Limitations
e.g. RCT

Part 3
Note: instructions Look at the evidence for the potential cardiovascular benefits of DPP4 inhibitors (6 pages to include introduction, the body and conclusion) to include:
1) Description of agents in this class (DPP4)
2)Discuss Potential cardiovascular benefits of agents in detail
3)Discussion on studies/clinical trials and results in detail
4) Make a table comparing results (please include authors/year in the table, and provide references for each author including those in the tables