God and the problem of Evil

James K. Dew Jr. & Paul M. Gould, “Introduction to Philosophy,” Published by Baker Academic, 2019. Must read “Chapter 12, The Existence of God” & “Chapter 13, Evil & the Hiddenness of God.” The essay is 600 to 625 words, not including quotes. Must address each of the questions: 1. Compare and contrast the three reading(s); what are some philosophical similarities and differences?

  1. Can life have objective meaning without God? Defend your answer making reference (Pro or Con) to the reading(s).
  2. Could life be “good” without objective meaning? Defend your answer making reference (Pro or Con) to the reading(s).
  3. What effect do your “Conclusions” reading the problem of evil have in your view, on the philosophical case for God’s existence? Explain How & Why?
    Dew & Gould Chapter 12-13 beginning this assignment: “The Absurdity of Life without God,” by Craig, and “Suffering: Richard Dawkins Contra Jesus,” by Thomas include quotes.
    Major Point Support:
    Demonstrates understanding of the topic: “God and the problem of Evil.” Display clear development of ideas and concepts. Assertions are well reasoned & strongly supported. Include original & insightful observations and ideas. Scriptures from the Bible can be used correctly.
    Structure & Organization:
    Flow of thought and discussion is logical and organized well. Transitions between all points are smooth and clear.