Good to Great. Chap. 6. A Culture of Discipline

Good to Great. Chap. 6. A Culture of Discipline

Answer the following (2) questions from Chapter 6, Good to Great by Jim Collins.

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Here is a brief summary of the chapter.

According to the author, sustained great results depend on building a culture of discipline, which is based on self-disciplined people who engage in disciplined thought and who then take disciplined action that is fanatically consistent with their three circles. It requires people to adhere to a consistent system, while giving them freedom and responsibility within that system?s framework, which differs significantly from having a disciplined leader who personally disciplines through sheer force of personality. The disciplinarian leader model generally leads to failure once the leader leaves the organization. The single most important form of discipline for sustained results is a fanatical adherence to the Hedgehog Concept and the willingness to shun opportunities that fall outside of the three circles.

The book gives great examples of companies that have a culture of discipline. Select a company (Phillip Morris, from the book) and provide answers to the following:

1) Does the company, ( Phillip Morris) have a disciplined culture or disciplinarian leader(s)?

2) What components of a disciplined culture does the organization (Phillip Morris) have: disciplined people, disciplined thought and disciplined actions? Which components are missing?