Governance for Environmental Sustainability – Indonesia Forest Fires

Governance for Environmental Sustainability – Indonesia Forest Fires
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Details of assessment item:
For this assessment item you must select a case study that reflects a sustainability issue and examine it in terms of its governance challenges. The case study is about identifying the problems within its governance structures and analysing how you would address the identified governance problems. This assessment task is designed to increase your skills in researching and analysing sustainability issues and to start thinking about the complexities of their governance.
Your case study should be a formal piece of academic writing using appropriate headings and referencing (using an author-date style i.e. APA or Harvard). It should be between 2,000 and 2,500 words (you will be penalised for words above or below this bracket). You must draw upon a minimum of 15 references.
Your case study should incorporate the following sub-sections but some flexibility in what headings you use is allowed:
Introduction: a brief introduction of the issue at the centre of the case study (including a thesis statement);
Actors: a brief outline of the key actors involved and their position on the issue;
Analysis: a critical analysis of the key governance challenges involved in the chosen sustainability issue and how you might overcome these challenges. You must draw upon and apply concepts and theories discussed in the unit. This will assist you in justifying the best pathway to overcoming the identified governance challenges and sustainability issues. Your analysis should include such things as:
value conflicts
contested knowledge(s)
competing interests
institutional barriers
Conclusion: a summary of the case study and a reiteration of the arguments presented.
Additional assessment information:
Further elaboration on the details of the Case Study will be provided in lectures and tutorials.
If you are having difficulty coming up with a case study, please contact your tutor for some suggestions. However, as many of you come from different disciplines, I would suggest that you select a case study that is relevant to your studies or from an industry area of interest.
Your case study will be assessed against the following criteria:
Demonstrated knowledge of the issue including a brief account of its history, the key actors, institutions and debates;
Competent application of relevant concepts and ideas from the unit and the literature on envrionmental governance;
Analysis of the issue: move beyond the descriptive and examine the issue using material from your research and from the unit;
Articulation of your own ideas on the key challenges facing the governance of the issue;
Demonstration of independent research and thinking;
Structure and coherence: presenting a logical case that connects your description of the issue and your discussion of its various components;
Presentation and expression, including succinct writing within minimal spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors;
Diverse and appropriate use of sources including: policy background material (e.g. relevant reports, newspaper articles, radio transcripts, think tank reports, web citations, etc.) as well as relevant academic literature. As this is your main assessment piece you are expected to have at least 15 references for this piece of work;
Accurate and consistent referencing.