Governance of water resources

1.Governance of water resources

Write a paper analysis on Governance of water resources, Political geography of rivers, Critical approaches to the hydropower sector, the water-energy nexus and the notion of sustainability

2.Activities to engage in for better understanding In Planning a Project

In Planning Your Project a potential client wants you to be the project manager for a project that involves moving to a new computerized human resource management system that supports the firm’s
staffing, compensation, employee relation, and benefit functions. The client is very vague about what needs to be done for all that they know is that they do not like the current system. Identify
the types of questions that you could ask the client to gain a better understanding of the scope of the project. Other than having the client answer your questions, what other activities could you
engage in to gain a better understanding?

3.Controversial issue based on a research

Write a paper persuading your audience to agree with you about an arguable, controversial issue based on the research you used for the annotated bibliography.