Governing Employment Laws and Policies/ Communication Infrastructure Strategy

Part 1 Nurse leaders who manage others must be knowledgeable of and in legal compliance with federal and state employment laws and policies. Employment laws and policies can vary from state to state. In this assignment, each member on the team will analyze the particular laws and policies that govern employment within a specific state. Conduct an Internet search to find information about unions and the American Nurses Association on the Center for Union Facts website. Create a team presentation with 2 slides providing information about the laws that affect a health care organization within each state assigned. Include the following in your presentation: • Compare two common laws that states share. Part 2 As a nurse leader, the role of communication is fundamental to your position as well as being crucial to the overall success of the department or unit you are managing. Whether it is changes in policies and procedures across the organization or leadership changes or even management of gossip, both positive and negative, your department’s success depends on how effectively you communicate this information to all members of your staff. The first step to doing this is to develop a plan of action, in other words, how you will disseminate the information. Your plan includes many details: staff meetings, frequency of meetings, which shifts, what is covered, and quality standards. You will also need to consider generational differences and communication preferences of a diverse staff when deciding upon the best means of communication whether it be through face-to-face meetings, emails, texting, virtual meetings, or the department bulletin board. In this assignment, as a nurse leader managing a department, you will create a communication infrastructure. Research communication strategies and infrastructures that have proven successful in information dissemination and could be used in a health care organization or department. Create a communication infrastructure strategy APA paper in which you will: • Develop an organizational chart of how information will flow to staff. • Create a chain-of-command diagram for top-down and bottom-up communication. • Plan for the types of information to be communicated (Pick at least 3 below). • Policies and procedures • Leadership changes • Staffing changes • Compliance and regulations • Department or unit goals • Any other information • Develop templates and tools to use (Pick at least 2 below). • Agenda • Measurable objectives or goals • Minutes or note taking • Brainstorming • Meeting effectiveness evaluation tool • Feedback loop APA Cite and reference sources. Submit your 1450 the slides need foot notes as well