Government Youth Festival in collaboration with XY Telecommunication Company


Government Youth Festival in collaboration with XY Telecommunication Company
Youth Festival Proposal
Name of the Event: Youth Festival Week.
Organizers of the Event: The Government in collaboration with XY Telecommunication Company.
Anticipated number of attendees: Approximately 8000 people
Overview of the event
The idea behind the Youth Festival is to enable the company to enlarge its customer consumer range by capturing more, and a more significant number of youths and this means increased profits to the company. Through collaborating with the government, the company provides a platform where the government can reach out to the young people. The Festival is anticipated to enclose within its objectives to empower and inspire the youths and importantly to help the youths create networks.
The festival generally aims to capture more youths to the XY telecommunication network. In a bid to give back to the community, the introduction of this festival also aims at ensuring empowerment, creation networking for the youth, and presentation of youth talent search.
Objectives of the event
a. Empowerment of the youth; To achieve this, the festival will be based on primarily three pillars namely; Friendship, Success and Freedom. The festival will provide youths with access to a selection of mentors succeeding in unconventional fields with an aim of empowering them with the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to succeed. The program will incorporate TV shows, summits and boost camps that will expose the youths to resources that will enable them prosper.
b. Networking; The festival is majorly expected to create connections between the youth and the invited guests and artists. At such events, several tents of varying range of interests will be opened for consultations and inquiries. Youths will be able to associate and hence create networks with different mentors at the tents who will give them more insight on their fields of interest.
c. Youth talent search; Majority of the youths have varying talents and for a fact most of them face financial constraints. Through Youth Festival talent search, auditions on these talents will be carried out and the selected few will get sponsorship to nature their talent.
Date of the Event
The events aim to capture the young people in society; it is, therefore, essential to conducting the event during the school holiday. Summer 2019.
About the Event
The event is the second of a kind in Naples, Florida planned by the government in collaboration with XY telecommunication company. Previously, the event attracted about 5000 people and the number is expected to rise due to the number of benefits that come along with the event. Youths are mentored and given an opportunity to better themselves. In the previous year, about 45045 sq. ft was used to hold the entire population of the attendees. The number is expected to change more space will be required. In the previous event, about 15,000 dollars was spent on foods and beverages. Being an event that looks to give back to the community, mentors volunteered to give mentorship programs to the youths in attendance. Small rooms of about 120 square feet were used by various mentors. Approximately, the event is expected to attract 8,000 young people in Naples, Florida, and a total space of 75758 sq. ft will be required to hold the entire event. Being a day event, no sleeping rooms will be required for the occasion. Tents will be erected to allow youths to interact with mentors during the event. An approximation of 20,000 dollars will be used in foods and beverages.

The government organizes this event in collaboration with XY Telecommunication Company. It is believed to have an approximate of 8000 people. The purpose of this event is to enlarge the customer base of the XY Telecommunication Company by capturing more youths and hence increasing profits of the company. The government will also be able to reach the young youths. The primary purpose of this event is to empower and to inspire the youths and most importantly to help them create networks.
The objectives of the event are to, empower the youths, networking and youth talents search. Under empowerments of the youths, three pillars would be used namely; Friendship, Success and Freedom. In here, mentor programs in unconventional fields will be used. It will also involve, TV shows, summits and boot camps that will enable the youths to prosper.
Under networking, the connection between the youths, artist, and guests will be created. Lastly, in the youth talent search, auditions of the youth talents will be carried out, and few will be selected for sponsorship to nature them. The event will take place during the summer holiday (2019).
This is the second similar event in Naples, Florida planned by the government in collaboration with XY Telecommunication Company. A total space of 75758sq.ft will be required for the whole event. The entertainments space will be about 1200sq. Ft, staging space will about 400sq.ft, and décor will take an area of 240sq.ft. I would require about three parking spaces, one for buses, second for shuttles and third for small vehicles. Buses parking will take a space of around 2000sq.ft, shuttles parking will take an area of 1800sq.ft, and finally, small cars will make a space of 1500sq.ft. I would require around five potable rooms each occupying a space of 120sq.ft. The area to be used by food trucks and vendors will approximately be about 220 square feet. An approximation of 40,000 dollars will be required for food and beverages. Other necessary things for the event would be, 100 dressing rooms each occupying a space of 9 meters squared, electricity approximately 500 kilowatts, stadium to hold the event, 300 staffs, water stations, and security to control the crowds.
The strengths of this venue is that we have support from both the government and the XY Telecommunication Company, the weakness is that the event is only one day occasion and hence not all talents will be natured, the opportunity is that the company is going to expand its customer base and finally the threats are that the number intended to turn up maybe high than expected.