Graphic design and portry

Write a statement on the relationship of poetry to your primary art practice.
Think about the way poets use language as a medium—as a vehicle for expressing ideas and feelings, but also as an aesthetic material, worthy of appreciation in and of itself (e.g. for its sounds, shapes, musicality, visual appearance—apart from any semantic/linguistic meaning).

Then consider the following questions: In what way(s), if any, has poetry—or reading more generally, or song—been influential to the way you think about and make art? What aspects of poetry could shape your artistic practice—either directly or indirectly—going forward?

You needn’t answer these questions directly, although you are also welcome to do so. They are intended as generative questions—that is, as starting points for thinking about the relationship of poetry to your art practice. You may approach this topic however makes the most sense to you and allows you to probe deeply. Minimum length: 2 full pages, double spaced, 12 point font, 1-inch margins all around. At the top of the page, include your name, the course name, the date, and an optional title, each on its own line, double-spaced as the rest of the paper, with no additional spaces. Maximum length: 3 full pages.