Green Building Laws


Topic: Read Estate Development Sustainability Week 3 – Green Building Laws


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Overview: we will explore laws, regulations, and other kinds of mandates and incentives from federal, state, and local jurisdictions. In addition to the readings and
resources, you will hear from an expert in the field who shares his insights on public policy and market levers.
Determine what drives jurisdictions to put green building codes into action.
Describe what is meant by the statement that building codes are moving from aspiration-based to enforcement-based standards.
Organize the events that have shaped sustainable development and construction in the public and private sectors.

Answer 2 questions number each 1.Describe the role of sustainability laws and mandates in driving development Do these help or hinder development? Should local codes
and mandates drive sustainable development or should the market? You can refer to your case study project to provide an example or to support your ideas.

As you think about the relative importance of legal mandates in achieving widespread sustainable development, be sure to distinguish between (i) the need for mandates
to drive sustainability, (ii) the quality of how those mandates are actually crafted and enacted (i.e. do the laws actually say what they are trying to say or target
the activities they are trying to target?), and (iii) the quality and consistency of how those mandates are enforced. Although these are all related, they are not
always implemented with the same level of thought, quality and consistency. Loss of one leg may cause the metaphoric stool to fall over, but it’s important to notice
where the weakness really lies. (200- 225 words) Question 2. Research a current event related to this week’s topics / readings (Attached). Present your topic in a
variety of formats. Examples could be an infographic, newsletter, article, video, etc. NOTE TO WRITER -Newsletter Style Preferred (300-350 words)