Group decision making.

Group decision making.

Task 2: Individual Essay (40%)

‘Critically analyse the limitations and problems that can arise in group decision-making. Suggest measures that organisations might take to enhance the effectiveness of group decision-makingat the strategic-level’.

Key considerations:
Focus is on group decision-making, not individual decision making
Must be theoretically embedded and include company examples
Essay format, not a report
2,000 Words
Learning outcomes covered: 1 & 2
Possible Essay Structure:


What is group decision-making?
Models / theorists associated with this approach
Variables effecting group performance in decision-making
Signposting the reader

Strengths and pitfalls of group decision-making

What are the ways in which group decision-making can be made more effective?

Suggest measures that might be taken to enhance the effectiveness and overcome some of the barriers already outlined
Include company / practical examples
Signposting the reader
So how should organisations approach group decision-making?
Implementation implications – practical insights of what is and isn’t always possible
Signposting the reader

Summing up of the essay. Nothing new should appear in this section – just a recap of what you have already said.

Not just the reading from Blackboard, but evidence of wider reading also