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Strategy Execution Group Project – Each group will be expected to research and write up a real case of strategy execution. You will be expected to use the general frameworks we have discussed in class to analyze the process and outcome of an attempted strategy execution (in attached file). The case you choose can be a case of success or failure but it should be a real case either from your personal experience or from publically available sources. You will be marked on both the quality of the information and the depth and coherence of the content that you present.

In completing your analysis, please answer the following two questions:

1) What was the strategy of the company? In other words, what was it trying to accomplish?

2) How did the strategy translate into the different elements of the 7-S model? Where they successful in executing the strategy?

For example, if you were going to analyze the failure of Nokia in the smartphone market you would begin by understanding the new strategy they were trying to implement to succeed in this market. You would then look at each of the other elements of the 7-S model and look for where the company struggled to execute the strategy. For example, in this case it seemed to be around problems changing the culture (shared values and style) and in terms of the staff that worked for Nokia so you would discuss those as the problems that led to the failure of Nokia.