Growth of English language

This is a disscussion question just need the question answered and explained Here is the information In June 2010, a Newsweek article made an observation about the growth of English language: “More vivid and universal than ever, English is now used, in some form, by approximately 4 billion people on earth-perhaps two thirds of the planet-including 400 million native English speakers. As a mother tongue, only Chinese is more prevalent, with 1.8 billion native speakers-350 million of whom also speak some kind of English.” Contagious, adaptable, populist, and subversive, the English language has become as much a part of the global consciousness as the combustion engine. And as English gains momentum as a second language all around the world, it is morphing into a new and simplified version of itself-one that responds to the 24/7 demands of a global economy and culture with a stripped-down vocabulary of words like “airplane,” “chat room,” “taxi,” and “cell phone.” Having neatly made the transition from the Queen’s English to the more democratic American version, it is now becoming a worldwide power, a populist tool increasingly known as Globish. (See here for the full article.) Does this mean that foreign language skills are no longer important for native English speakers when doing business around the world? Explain your answer.