Guerilla Government Case Analysis – Medical field


Please pick any case that. pertains to. medical field! it was hard to choose.

The first part of the assignment will require you to provide a synopsis of the case selected, including pertinent information regarding the characters involved (managers, employees, organizations, etc.), the ethical issue at the core of the case, and a description of the actions taken by the guerilla employees to address the ethical issue. Following the case synopsis, you will need to introduce and explain how the assigned course readings (which you may select at will) relate to the case and the ethical issue at hand. This can be accomplished by outlining and addressing several questions relating the case to the assigned readings for the course, such as:

  • What theory (theories) or concepts in the assigned readings closely aligns with the case selected? Explain why.
  • Do the characters involved in the case selected demonstrate or exemplify any of the theories or concepts contained in the assigned readings? If so, how?
  • How could the theories or concepts in the assigned readings be applied to a modern instance of guerilla government such the one outlined in your selected case?