Guideline for automated integration testing in complex environments.

For efficient and effective applications to be guaranteed at a high percentage, software testing is very important. This helps detect most errors that would inconvenience customers using an application to be fixed. Even though the individual software modules might be tested, it is also required to test their interconnectivity, the bridge between the individual modules (Myers et al., 2012).

The focus of this paper therefore is geared towards the steps needed to incorporate integration testing in complex software environments and also provide guidelines for further projects in this field. As a result, a guideline to perform such steps would be generated to be tested on a prototype. Various testing approaches would be used to deduce best testing approach for their respective environments.

It is required that, a user of this work should have a fairly comprehensive understanding about software development or software testing. The use of this work would enlighten technicians on some of the avoidable errors that reach customers and encourage them to institute this common testing culture in their software development environment.