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Gun Control

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The dіsсussion forums for Weeks 12 – 15 will consist of student presentаtions of their research projects. I would like you to present in the forum for the week of
Lesson 15. This is for the week that begins on Monday, December 4. You will need to have your presentation posted to the Forum Board by Saturday, December 9 so other
students who are earning discussion forum points have a chance to read and respond to your posting during that week. Go to the Week 15 Discussion Forum, and make your
posting there.

Instructions: Tell us why you were interested in your research topic. Start with the “big picture.” Provide a little bit of the theory, if it is important to
understanding your hypothesis. State your hypothesis. Tell us the major results, including percents and Chi Square findings that help us to understand the results.
Note anything particularly interesting or difficult that you have encountered or learned since undertaking your project. Ask⁣ for feedback from your peers, if you want
it. (DO NOT: attach your research report or parts of your research report, describe the details about past research findings, list every step in your procedures, or
discuss exactly how you did your data analysis. PLEASE BE SUCCINCT.)

As a presenter, you will earn up to 50 points for how thoroughly you make your presentation. You will also earn an additional 5 points for responding to the
presentation posts of your peers (other students have been invited to also make their presentations during this same week).

reply to this email letting me know if you have any questions about your presentation.