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Hall Nursing Home, a 230-bed facility in Seattle, Washington, is an independent provider that has been in business for 45 years. During the past three years, the
nursing home’s census has been declining by approximately 25% a year with the current census at 185 residents.
After an external assessment, Hall’s leadership learned that the declining census is attributed to 90% of the residents being discharged and admitted to a competing
nursing home that has a resident-centered focus, with residents being a part of the decision-making process concerning their own health care services. Moreover, this
competing nursing home has recently completed its $10 million modernization project that makes it the only facility in Seattle with single room occupancy.
In addition to the external assessment, Hall’s leadership conducted an internal assessment and learned that staff morale has been low because of poor pay, inadequate
working conditions, and no opportunities for professional training and advancement.

1. What monitoring tools (e.g., Gantt Chart, Balanced Scorecard, Dashboard, etc.) might you use and why?

2. What are two tactical objectives that the organization might leverage to effectively address operations requirements?