Hamlet & Death

Hamlet & Death

Project description

Write a paper focused on a single theme in William Shakespeares play Hamlet. Although you will need to locate support for your argument, please dont feel that you must

somehow search for the answer to the question posed within the research that you do. Your answer should be what you conclude from examining that particular theme in

the play itself. Once you have concluded what your thesis will be, examine the available articles that deal with this theme in the college librarys databases. Realize

though that you are locating support for your thesis, not recapping the work of other scholars.

Think about the question you have chosen to answer. There are many online sources that can provide you with a concise guide to the act and scene numbers that contain

references to your chosen topic. While it is not legitimate to use these online sources for support, you may certainly use them to help you locate the information you

will need within the play itself. As I am sure you are aware, Hamlet is a long play to read and reread multiple times. Shakespeare-online.com is one, as are Shmoop.com

and Cliffsnotes.com. Just remember that none of these sources can be used as your research; they are merely useful as guides to locating your theme within the play.

Remember that you are answering a questioneither how Hamlets understanding of death evolves during the course of the play, what the massive corruption exhibited in the

play signifies, or how uncertainty about a variety of things brings about the corpse-laden conclusion of the play. Your answer to one of these questions will serve as

your thesis. Dont limit your thesis to a single instance of that theme in the play, as multiple examples are generally more convincing.

Remember that when quoting from a verse play, you identify the lines location by act number, scene number, and line number. Use periods between these entities. You may

use either Roman numerals or Arabic ones. If you use Roman numerals, remember that act numbers are capitalized while scene numbers are lower case. Line numbers are

always written in Arabic numerals. Act three, scene two, lines 4547 would be written in either of the two following ways:
(III.ii.4547) or (3.2.4547).

This paper must be written using the standards of MLAs 2009 edition, and you must include a separate Works Cited page at the end. Make certain that you have actually

cited all WC entries in the body of your paper. You must have at least three citations, one of which must be the play itself, and all others must be academic sources

from the college librarys databases. Dates for submittal are listed in both D2L and turnitin.com. The paper must be submitted through turnitin.com on or before the due

date (December 2, 2014) as no late research papers will be accepted. Do not wait until the last minute.


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