Hannah Wilke and The School of Feminism

The research paper is a ten page (typed double spaced) thesis-driven analysis of the topic of your choice, approved by me before you begin, and conducted in the voice of a critic representing one of the theoretical schools we have studied. You will apply your chosen theoretical school to analysis of an artist
(Hannah WIlke is the Artist and the school is Feminism)

  1. Presence of a well-developed thesis (or set of main argument/s) that is/are established clearly in the introduction and is/are voiced from the perspective of your chosen theoretical school.
  2. Arrangement of the paper into sections with use of transitions for logical flow between them and subheadings.
  3. Careful and detailed analysis of multiple examples (artworks and other types of examples as relevant)
  4. Standard English Language usage and editing
  5. Use of MLA documentation for outside material and presence of a Works Cited Page. Failure to cite your sources will result in a failing grade and this means citing them both in the text and on the Works Cited page. Moreover, you must cite direct quotations as well as indirect borrowings also known as paraphrases. Consult the MLA handbook and with me to clarify well before the paper is due.
  6. Integration of five peer-reviewed sources of your choice (articles from CSUDH Library indexes, books, chapters from books, a quality video from a reputable source such as a museum).
  7. At least one of the four peer-reviewed sources must pertain to the theoretical school you are employing.
  8. Numbered illustrations (black and white is fine)
  9. A creative title
  10. A 100-250 word abstract. Samples of abstracts are provided in a folder on Blackboard.