Hasidism as explained below but whatever the cultural object

What kind of paper should you write?
Basically, I’m looking for a paper analyzing a religious object (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.) Since this is a class on the Hasidic object, I can give you the most guidance on that but I want you to write about something that resonates to your own field of knowledge. I will grade based on methodology, which is how I organize my lectures.
Write a paper on the various stages of meaning associated with a “Hasidic (or other religious group) object”—however you might define that. You can use the Bezalel Narkiss Index of Jewish Art, to identify a suitable object. This useful database is available here: http://cja.huji.ac.il/browser.php? mode=main
This online resource that includes 676 entries under the search term ‘Hasidic.” Remember, iconographic interpretation is only one aspect of analysis and one I would like you to use only minimally. Rather, pay more attention to the meanings associated with production, consumption, use, dissemination, reuse, collecting, destroying, archiving, remembering, media conversion, etc.”