HCA HOLDINGS, hospital corporation of America

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1.HCA HOLDINGS, hospital corporation of America

Strategic Recommendations
The following are some the most recommended actions based on the SWOT analysis
i. The organization should make sure that it expands its business to cover other states in the USA as well as other countries in the world. The strategy helps it reach out to the new potential
markets which help diversify the organization.
ii. HCA should review its service delivery mechanism with a specific regard to the charges. It is imperative that there is adoption of a mechanism that is easily relatable by the patients to
help improve the client base in the existing situation. It also helps secure the future of the company.
iii. The hospital corporation needs to make sure that the employees are motivated to guarantee their effectiveness and dedication in service delivery. They should be provided with a good
environment for their work to be efficient. Additionally, they also require regular monitoring and evaluation to help them keep track of the trends.
iv. The company can try to adopt efficient corporate social responsibility techniques to endear itself to the community (Wei et al., 2015). It should aim at making sure that the community
perception is changed and that it is seen as a caring facility. The strategy should be replicated in all its branches in the UK and the US to help in achievement of better practices.
v. Ultimately, the company should regularly review its strategies through efficient programs that determine the goals and the results. Comparisons done between the two factors will enable the
identification of variations that can be improved through proper understanding of the market structure.

You have been asked to provide more data to support your strategic recommendations that the organization should consider pursuing to effectively compete in the health care marketplace.

2.child development and educational practice

Imagine you work in a mainstream reception class and there is one child with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder included:
describe the main signs/symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders you would be expecting the child to
present and discuss possible educational interventions/actions you could put in place to support the child
in his/her learning and participation.